Triple Lutz Report #410 – Donald Trump Cannot Save the System

from Financial Survival Network

It’s personally exciting to watch the inauguration of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, for several reasons. First, for egotistical reasons. If you’re an FSN community member then you know that I had been predicting his victory since July of 2015, long before almost any overpaid prognosticator. What they considered to be major gaffes and blunders I correctly interpreted as indicators of his humanity and his killer sense of humor. After all, no presidential candidate had run with a sense of humor since Bill Clinton, and before him John F. Kennedy. I still chuckle at JFK’s depiction of Washington, DC, “…as a combination of Northern charm and Southern efficiency.” Don’t forget about our lifelong sponsor Jason Hartman. His event Meet the Masters of Income Property is a must see. Check it out at I’m sorry that I will be in Vancouver rather than sunny Irvine CA with Jason. Happy Inauguration Day to all!

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