Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions?

from Bill Still

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on
Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions?X
Having been a reporter most of my life, I’ve had to learn to develop a reporter’s intuition. It’s not exactly a metaphysical skill. But it’s based on subtleties that I don’t fully understand – tone of voice of a person, cadence, eye movements, how people react to other people – it’s all that and more.
But I watched every second of this debate and I want to say with every fiber of my reporter’s intuition that THE most damning thing that just jumped out at me last night was that Hillary Clinton was fed at least two of the questions Mike Wallace would be asking her, and at least one trip-up question he would be asking Donald Trump.
I’m not saying Mike Wallace did it –however it is possible. But someone did – someone in the Fox News hierarchy! Perhaps Megyn Kelly, who just got nailed for collusion by Wikileaks. I’ll get to that one soon.
Here is my evidence in its totality – decide for yourself. It’s probably too late to hope for a WikiLeaks treasure. No doubt the Dems have finally awakened to more secure – though less convenient – security measures.
Let’s start at the first question – is the Constitution a living document or not? Clinton’s answer is just too perfectly crafted, memorized, rehearsed and then recited. Let’s look at it:
She had 2 minutes. She took exactly 2 and 7 seconds – but 4 seconds of that was thanking UNLV for hosting the debate. Net total? 2 minutes 3 seconds of perfectly-composed Clinton rhetoric.
And this at the point of absolute maximum pressure in this campaign. Even Chris Wallace was sort of stuttering his way through the first question – and he’s obviously practiced saying it just right.
Can you believe the incredible gall of this woman getting up and in her opening statement to talk about “dark, unaccountable money to come into our electoral system.” Then she even gets in a plug for Obama’s supreme court nominee – all in just 2 minutes 3 seconds.
Trump, on the other hand is fairly cool on the exterior, but inside you know he’s sweating bullets trying to come up with something that sounds even half-way as perfectly formulated as Clinton.
Now, let’s see how Trump did:
Wow! 2 min. 1 second – just totally masterful for off the top of your head! But obviously not scripted. He just watched the clock and wanted to play fair.
And speaking of wanting to play fair. Where the Clintons would lie about anything out of habit, even if telling the truth would be more helpful to them. Trump is just the opposite, his knee-jerk reaction is to always tell the truth right off the top of his head – even if it hurts him.
Remember debate #1 of the Republican primary season where it was only Donald Trump who raised his hand that he would not support some of those on stage if they became the nominee. To their everlasting shame many of those who didn’t raise their hands have now violated that pledge.
So here’s Wallace’s trick question:
[insert Wallace]
Once again, Trump could have dodged around, but no. Even though he contradicts his running mate and his daughter, Trump tells the truth. Oh, and by the way watch Clinton’s smile. She knew this question was coming.
Look at Crooked Clinton’s face. It’s like she’s thinking, damn! He brought up that Pew Report. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea afterall.
Ok, now let’s move on to the ultra critical last question – the question with the potential to be the of the utmost importance going out of the debate.
[insert Wallace – Clinton]
Perfect Hillary! Exactly 61 seconds. And I really loved that part about standing up for families against powerful corporations. Bet you might have some problems backing that one up.

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