Hmmm… Gee, Someone Gets It

by Karl Denninger

No, really? You mean someone mentioned the 10x medical cost problem here compared against other nations? The $100 MRI in Japan that’s over $1,000 here?

Now explain why this hasn’t been the issue in the campaign, the front page of every paper for the last five+ years, the question asked of Obamacare and why it did exactly zero to address any of it…..

It’s because every one of these rat bastards is in the tank for it, profits from it and has robbed you blind, screwed you sideways and raped you to within an inch of your life and you have not only done nothing about it you have cheered it on!

If there had been even the hint of a run on boiled rope perhaps you could argue that this was “someone else’s” fault other than yours America, but the fact of the matter is that which you consent to you cannot complain about.

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