Extended Correction but Still Commodities Bull Market – Gwen Preston, Mining Expert

from CrushTheStreet

Technology & Energy making Incredible Investment Opportunity:

The resource maven is here to give us her expertise on the current resource sector, reassuring us the fundamentals are strong and the bull market signs are clearly here. Gwen really proves her expertise analyzing this market vs past bull markets and reiterates the great opportunity in uranium as well. Don’t forget to checkout the Metals Investor Forum if you can get to Vancouver November 12 & 13th:

01:30 Nov 12 Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver
02:10 Gold & Silver Seasonality Busted? Gold vs Bear
04:30 Gwen expects correction to continue to early 2017
05:10 Gold led the way as Rick Rule predicted, base metals
06:00 Great Sign: seeing bulk commodities rally
07:20 Mining Stocks Rise 100’s of % this Year
08:40 George Soros Move into and Out of Gold
10:10 Uranium one of the best sectors for profit
11:40 By 2019 there’s not enough uranium for reactors
14:30 Why is Uranium price lopsided? No market setter
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Gwen’s Site & Newsletter: http://ResourceMaven.ca