Donald Trump’s “Dead Voters” Speech in Delaware, Ohio, 10/20/16

from Bill Still

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on
Donald Trump’s “Dead Voters” Speech in Delaware, Ohio, 10/20/16
I was listening to Fox News while running an errand today. The program was “Outnumbered” and Sheriff Dave Clark was the male guest.
The four ladies were horrified that Donald Trump had yesterday joked that he would only accept the result of the elections if he wins.
Well, Trump did say that, but it was in just. What they are not saying is what he said directly after that. What Trump did say was that he is certainly not giving up his legal right to dispute any rigged voting processes or call for a recount, as Al Gore did the year he lost to George Bush.
Remember, it’s the case that went to the Supreme Court and Gore lost that challenge.
There is now abundant evidence that Democrats are trying to rig the election by all of the following means: causing violence at Trump rallies, bussing in voters from other states, encouraging people to vote multiple times, and registering dead Republican voters who amazingly switch sides in the afterlife, never to return to Republican voting again.
At this point, since they control both the Justice Department and the FBI there is nothing that can be done about it. Nothing can stop them. As one Democrat operative said on video tape just this week:
“We’ve been bussing in voters for decades and we sure aren’t gonna stop now.”
It may well be that no Democrat has been legally elected as President of the United States since FDR. Who knows.
But the one thing we can now say with surety is this has been the Democrat game plan for many, many years.
Yesterday, Trump ticked off the highlights of the new Pew Research report on the huge numbers of illegally registered voters there are in this country – over 20 million – can that be right? And you can bet that 95% of them are voting Democrat.
This is one of THE most important problems in this nation today and must be addressed as soon as possible. But if Crooked Clinton wins, by whom? She’ll even have the Supreme Court in her pocket as well.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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