Countering Despair in America: Social Progress by Instructive “Presidential Caricatures” of “What’s Wrong”…

Opportunities to transform Social Suffering into Social Beauty

by Dr. Robert Rennebohm
Global Research

This essay is intended to counter the despair generated by the American presidential campaign (and the associated global chaos and wars) with a positive, constructive reaction to what is occurring. I want to try to explain why the current state of affairs, as depressing and frightening as it may seem, represents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate Social Progress and create unprecedented Social Beauty (the foundation of which is creation of collaborative, independent, national Public Economies).

Exemplary of the despair and fear is an email message I recently received from a patient who lives in Eastern Europe:

“I hope that your president (whether Clinton or Trump) will do not much harm to our planet and its people.”

She is scared, worried, and depressed by the American presidential campaign and what is happening in the world as a whole. She feels anger and frustration—particularly when considering how difficult it is to make sense out of what is happening, and how little control she feels over what seems so out of control and so difficult to remedy.

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