Card-Carrying Member – The Establishment

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Robert B. Reich is a card-carrying member of the establishment. His card is stamped with a large D. He served during Bill Clinton’s presidency. His recent article, The Trust Destroyers, is worth exploring and contrasting with the mood of the country.

Mr. Reich is not unique in his views. Many card-carrying Republicans agree. He reflects Washington insiders, albeit with a definite Democrat slant.

Essentially, a growing segment of the population (much of it in what the elites refer to as “flyover country”) want change. They understand that Washington is too big and intrusive. The fact that Mr. Reich’is concerned they consider a good thing. An increasing group of citizens don’t want Washington fixed so much as they want it dismantled. That is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump did so well against their establishment opposition.

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