A Tear for America – And One Last Ray of Hope

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Yesterday (Friday) was one of the worst days of my life. Not because the Cartel did it’s “same old” thing, in relentlessly capping Precious Metals amidst some of the most “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” headlines to date – although interestingly, they have been massively, frenetically covering their COMEX short positions in the past two weeks. And not because America’s “powers that be” are hell bent on Nuclear and/or Cyber World War I with Russia; simply, in my view, to divert attention from the irreversible economic horrors they have caused. No, the reason it was so bad was because I had a 24 hour flu bug so severe, I laid tossing and turning in my bed, nauseous and dizzy, for the entire day. So it wasn’t until this morning that I saw the day’s headlines – which literally, made me shed a “tear for America,” like the famous 1970s Indian commercial. Only this time, the tear is not for pollution, but the destruction of the nation’s 320 million people, minus “1%,” by a handful of “elites” possessing weapons of mass political, economic, and monetary destruction.

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