Whistling Past Your Graveyard

by Karl Denninger

C’mon folks.

Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse. Let me remind you that back at the time of the financial crisis in 2007/08 I wrote specifically about them, calling the firm repeatedly DoucheBank as they had an utterly ridiculous derivative exposure compared against their capital. In fact they made US bank exposure in this regard look like the work of pikers.

Not only has nobody done a thing about that in our markets Germany, I remind you, urged them to expand their exposure — and they have. In addition total credit market debt has expanded by $57 trillion since 2007, a close to 40% increase! GDP, on the other hand, has gone up nowhere near as much. Indeed, global government debt has roughly doubled since 2008 — to $59 trillion.

One of the largest increases has been in college student loans, which are up a staggering 130% since 2007 in the United States alone.

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