Still Report #1124 – Trump’s Robust Anti-Terror Plan

from Bill Still

Next to Trump, himself, the invasion is the most important story of the year, and unless you submit to religious subjugation easily, this will be the most important story for the foreseeable future.
What the forces of evil want is for you NOT to understand the critical importance of the ISIS problem – and become alarmed – until it’s too late.
This is something that rears its ugly head every century or two but never before have they been armed with a freedom-hating weapon the likes of CNN – the communist news network – along with intellectuals who ignore basic facts.
CNN pounced last night with a slashing, nothing-new-here attack on Donald Trump’s national security speech. The anti-Trump hit piece was written by distinguished author Peter Bergan.
Bergan’s resume is a literal laundry list of globalist MSM outlets. Their stated goal is to erase national sovereignty. Why? That’s a difficult question to answer without including motives that are destructive to freedom-loving civilizations. In other words their goal is a misguided utopian view that globalism leads to a world without war and therefore — somehow – human freedom???
The founders had it right. That’s why they based the U.S. Constitution on the separation of powers concept where power blocs were created to compete against one another. Maintaining a deconsolidated power structure is the only way to prevent a return of totalitarianism.
Example: what if a group of sovereign nations could not have ganged up to defeat Hitler? Europe would now be speaking German only!
We don’t have to go any further than the Clintons if we want to see a current example of the destructive effects of their ability to consolidate power – Clinton Foundation has operated with complete contempt for the rule of law.
According to Bergin, President Obama has:
“… long been pursuing many of the policy ideas Trump laid out.”
Yes, Mr. Bergin, but the difference between you and I is that I know both Clinton and Obama lie shamelessly to achieve simple daily political goals. You choose to ignore it – for your own political purposes.
Obama’s public policy has been to destroy ISIS – once he decided they were no longer the “JV team” – however, behind the scenes, there is now evidence piling up that he was actually trying to help them survive and even thrive.
“Trump also said, ‘The era of nation building will be brought to a very swift and decisive end.’
“This is a straw man, because no one is calling for nation building in the American body politic, including Hillary Clinton….” wrote Bergin.
And Hillary Clinton wouldn’t lie – would she?
[insert Newt’s comments on Clinton lying about lying….]
How thin is your argument for a credible national security policy when you have to buttress it with statements of the two most prolific liars in the American body politic?
Newt Gingrich applauded the Trump speech:
So did Col. Oliver North:
I’ll take the veracity of those two over Clinton and Obama any day.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.