Still Report #1115 – Ted Cruz’s Popularity Plummets in Texas

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good morning, I’m still reporting on Ted Cruz.
According to a poll taken by the CBS affiliate in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with Dixie Strategies, Sen. Ted Cruz has taken a big hit after refusing to honor his pledge to endorse Donald Trump after Trump generously gave him a prime speaking spot at the Republican convention and Cruz was booed off the stage.
Cruz is now viewed very unfavorably by a whopping 52% of 1,018 likely voters.
When asked: “Does Ted Cruz’s decision NOT to endorse Donald Trump change your opinion of him?”
Over 50% of the very conservative voters either viewed him somewhat less favorably or much less favorably. 58% of those describing themselves as somewhat Conservative felt the same way. Interestingly, 48% of the self-described moderates felt the same as did 57% of the liberal potential crossover voters.
Cruz is now running neck and neck with Democratic House member, Joaquin Castro – the probably Democrat opponent in the upcoming 2018 re-election race – beating him by only .2% with a whopping 23% undecided.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.