Still Report #1110 – John McCain “Songbird” Tape Found

from Bill Still

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on politics.
With 2-1/2 weeks left before John McCain’s Republican primary challenge on Aug. 30, McCain leads challenger Kelli Ward in recent polling with a 50 to 29% lead.
Ward argues that McCain cannot win in the general election against his Democrat challenger:
“After 33 years in Washington, John McCain has become the ultimate establishment insider and Hillary’s favorite Republican,” Ward said.
“It’s 2016, and the VA is still broken, and the borders are still open. That’s why he’s losing a reliably red state to a rubber-stamp Obama Democrat.
“I’m the only Republican who can unite our party to win in November.”
Over the weekend, however, researcher Charles Johnson uncovered proof that McCain was a “Songbird” during his captivity in Vietnam. McCain made at least one propaganda audio recording that was broadcast by the communists of North Vietnam in an attempt to demoralize the tens of thousands of American solders still fighting for Vietnam’s freedom in the south.
McCain was shot down over Hanoi in October 1967. In 1969 he made the following recording:
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Why is this important? Charles Johnson, founder of, a new media company dedicated to investigative journalism, explained his reasons on TRUNEWS, an internet streamcast run by host Rick Wiles:
Then Rick Wiles chimed in with why he would like to see McCain defeated in the primary election on Aug. 30.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.