Still Report #1095 – Daybreak Poll Trump Turns it Around

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Donald Trump’s 7-day slide in the USC Daybreak Poll made a convincing turn-around yesterday.
After coming within 1/10th of a percentage point one week ago of a 95% certainty of victory, Trump started a post -Democratic–National-Convention slide that ended yesterday.
Now, Trump trails Clinton by a .6% margin nationally – less than a point.
Confirmation of this trend exists in two other major areas.
First of all, although I have seen no formal figures – though I’m sure some must exist – Trump’s in-person crowds are crushing Clinton’s by a factor of between 10 to 1 – to 100 to 1.
That’s putting bodies on the streets in the hottest part of the summertime.
Skeptics of this metric say it doesn’t necessarily translate to votes, but cannot offer one shred of evidence to support that claim.
However, Trumpers can offer two existing pieces of convincing evidence that they do correlate:
1. These huge crowds took Trump to the biggest primary wins in Republican history.
Which is easier: Going out to vote takes just minutes. However Trumpers expend much more time and energy getting into a Trump rally. They know they must arrive 2 or 3 hours ahead of time and wait at least an hour in the hot sun before getting into the venue.
The second major area of evidence of a huge Trump lead is in the online metrics, but I’ll get into that in another report later today.
I still say, ignore the paid drumbeat of doom from the Clinton’s well-oiled and paid political machine. She cannot possibly win.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.