No, Donald, America’s Bridges Are Not Falling Down

Madison County’s Bridges To Nowhere And The Perennial Myth Of Crumbling Infrastructure

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

There is a good reason why Donald Trump’s campaign has been light on policy details. To wit, it seems that every time he gets specific he manages to serve up a steaming pile of hogwash.

So when he told Fox News that he would double-down on Hillary’s $275 billion infrastructure boondoggle, The Donald was right on cue. And in pulling his new $500 billion infrastructure program straight out from under his comb-over, he also demonstrated he has no idea what he is talking about.

Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed a plan to rebuild U.S. infrastructure that costs “at least double” the amount that Hillary Clinton has floated, in what would amount to a massive new government program……

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