Get Rid of the Olympics, Not Performance Enhancing Drugs

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

OLYMPICS Shaming Could Be the Best Fix for Olympic Doping … At the Olympics, we’re witnessing some serious cases of public shaming. Victorious competitors are publicly ostracizing those who once used performance-enhancing drugs. To take just one example, Australian Mack Horton, gold medalist in the 400-meter freestyle, pointedly refused even to acknowledge China’s silver medalist Sun Yang, who had been suspended for doping. “I don’t have time or respect for drug cheats,” Horton said later. – Bloomberg

We’d much rather see the Olympics abolished than drug taking. It could be done easily enough by putting pressure on countries not to fund them.

We’re not aware of intellectual pursuits being funded in the same way. Poets don’t gather every few years to perform at the public’s expense, but ice-skaters do.

It’s bad enough that the Olympics exist but now the wretched spectacle could be expanded to “public shaming” of “drug cheats.”

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