Wild Grumblers Appear: T-Mobile’s Pokémon Go Deal and Net Neutrality

by Jonathan Newman

The net neutrality public debate is back, and this time with even more blatant disregard for common sense and consistency. A small minority of the net neutrality proponents are consistently applying their own wrong-headed rule, but the majority have either misplaced their outrage or have conveniently retreated now that they see that a consistent application of the net neutrality rule would mean no free data offers.

The grumblers are back at it

In an effort to piggyback on the immense popularity of Pokémon Go, T-Mobile has decided to offer one year’s worth of free cellular data just for the game. Now only constrained by their cell phone’s battery life, Pokémon trainers would be able to walk all around their cities catching and hatching the creatures and putting them to the test in the Pokémon gyms to their heart’s content.

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