When Will They Learn?

by Jeff Thomas
International Man

It will be no surprise to readers to hear that collectivism is growing in the Western World. It matters little whether we refer to it as socialism, communism, Marxism, Fabianism, totalitarianism or any of its other names—the collectivist ideal is on the rise.

British Conservatives worry over the extreme collectivist speeches of the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who is far more to the left than former leader Ed Miliband was, yet they often fail to notice that Tory leaders are also becoming more collectivist in their rhetoric. Certainly current Prime Minister David Cameron is further to the left than, say, Margaret Thatcher was, yet we Britons often fail to notice that both of the primary parties are moving further to the left.

Across the pond, in America, we witness a similar development.

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