Still Report #1081 – Anti Merkel Invasion Protest Today in Berlin

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Germans are slowly coming out of their socialist stupor and realizing that Frau Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, may be leading a suicide mission for the German nation.
Today in Berlin, German activists are planning a huge protest demonstration against Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy.
Anti-invasion speakers from across Europe will address the crowd, beginning at 3 pm local time, or 9 am eastern time. Included will be right wing Swiss politician Ignaz Bearth.
The theme of the protest march is “Merkel Must Go!”
In the last week, Germany was hit hard by the bloodiest terror attacks in recent memory, and the possibility for more violence at the march is so worrisome to police that all weapons and alcohol have been banned.
Also banned are all Nazi flags or apparel, however flags of Germany and all European nations are welcome.
Recently growing anti-Merkel sentiment has branded her a traitor and accused her of creating terrorism.
As concern mounts in Germany, police officials are being given sweeping new powers to fight terror. The ability of police to retain data has been given a significant boost above the previous 10-week limit.
A massive police recruitment program is underway. Officers are now being equipped with new state-of-the-art equipment, including bullet-proof helmets and suits. Additional TV cameras will be installed at public places vulnerable to terror attacks, like bus and train stations and on major streets and squares.
On Wednesday, the German AfD party promised that if they get into power in Germany’s elections in the fall, they will put a German exit from the EU on the ballot. According to AfD chairman, Bjorn Hocke:
“I know the German people want to be free of EU slavery.”
Even the far left German leaders are tired of the political tyranny of Brussels. According to Left Party leader Sahra Wagenknech:
“I believe that it’s right to give the people the chance to vote on important issues like the planned free trade TTIP deal, or other European agreements.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.