Still Report #1058 – Cruz Rides on Air Force One With Obama

from Bill Still

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One very interesting tidbit of information that was not widely known until it became a headline story this morning in the Dallas Morning News is that on July 12 – just 8 days before Cruz gave his flameout speech at the Republican convention – he traveled with President Obama on Air Force One.
Here is a picture of Cruz (in the middle of the frame), descending the stairs of Air Force One after landing in Dallas with the Obamas at the lower left of the frame.
This was Cruz’s first ride on Air Force One. So what was the occasion? The memorial for the 5 Dallas Police officers slain by a sniper Micah Johnson.
According to White House spokesman Phil Novack:
“President Obama invited Sen. Cruz to travel on Air Force One to the memorial service to honor the fallen officers in Dallas. The Senator accepted the invitation.”
Cruz was the only Republican known to be aboard the flight, however, there were 3 other Democrats besides the Obamas and a handful of staffers aboard; House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi; and two other House Democrats; Marc Veasey, and Bernice Johnson.
Veasey, a 7-term Democrat from the Dallas area, is currently the Vice-Chairman of the House Voter Identification & Voter Fraud Select Committee.
Ms. Johnson, a 13-term Congresswoman, is no stranger to election fraud issues. In the 2004 Presidential election where incumbent George W. Bush defeated Democrat challenger John Kerry in a historically close election, Johnson was one of 31 House members who voted against counting the electoral votes of Ohio which would have tipped the election to Kerry.
Interestingly, according to CNN:
“Cruz isn’t the only former 2016 Republican presidential contender to ride on Air Force One. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio rode Air Force One following the Orlando nightclub shootings that killed 49 people last month.”
Could it be that the super-well connected use airplane meetings as the most secure way to talk over their most sensitive topics?
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.