Still Report #1036 – Why Trump Picked Pence

from Bill Still

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So why did Donald announce on Twitter today that tomorrow he would officially pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate?
First and foremost, let’s go to the Electoral College map. Remember, 270 votes in the Electoral College to win. Red are the safe Republican states, The blue states are safe Democrat states. The tan states are tossup states.
Trump starts out with 163 red states – 270 needed to win.
Polls in Florida are trending towards Trump. Remember, Florida is Trump’s second home. So add Florida’s 29 equals 192. Polls is NC and GA look favorable as does PA.
That’s an additional 51 for a total of 243. Indiana borders Ohio on the east. You have to believe a Pence pick launches Ohio into the Trump camp for a total of 261 votes. Only 9 more needed.
What about Arizona with 11? Is that likely to go Democrat? No.
Iowa is trending towards Trump – 6 more votes. That would give Trump a win with 278 – and none of these states are a stretch for going Trump at all.
But now for the issues factors in the Trump pick.
The first thing I want to hear Mike Pense say is:
“I no longer support TPP or any other slave trade deals. We will only support good deals for the United States.”
That was my biggest issues problem with Pence.

Pence clashed last year with the local Catholic archdiocese in Indiana over not allowing the settlement of Syrian refugees in Indianapolis – a 5-star performance to Mr. Trump as well as Beth and I.
Pence’s family owns a chain of gas stations. That’s double-barreled business experience and that fits in with Trump perfectly.
Newt is being talked about as Secretary of State. Chris Christie is going to kick butt as the new Attorney General – a real lawman! And General Flynn will be running the Defense Department – a real military man. What’s not to love about this lineup?

Trump just put out this press release.
“Republicans in Cleveland Applaud Trump Pick of Mike Pence”

According to Morton Blackwell, a longtime RNC Committeeman who was a big Cruz supporter:
“Mike Pence is a full-spectrum Reagan conservative on limited government, free enterprise, strong defense, and traditional values.”
Jeff Cardwell, Indiana’s GOP Party Chair agrees that Pence will help attract votes in Indiana’s neighboring Midwest states that Trump has targeted.
“Pence brings a lot of value to the ticket.”
Tom Mechler, Chairman of the GOP in Texas said:
“It sends a very strong message for what’s important to Trump. If there is a lingering concern, I think that is off the table as of today.”
Haley Barbour, former Mississippi governor and past RNC Chairman called Pence:
“a very solid, well-regarded person.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.