Libertarian VP Weld Can’t Wait To Debate Trump’s VP Pick | Kitco News

from Kitco NEWS

With the Libertarian Party gaining momentum and just a few percentage points away from being granted access to election debates, VP candidate William Weld said he will have a lot to bring up to recently announced Republican VP candidate Mike Pence. “We’re getting within hailing distance of 15%, which is rule of thumb for getting into the presidential debates and I think we have enough time left so we’ll almost definitely get into those debates and that’s a big deal,” he told Kitco News at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. “If I get into a debate with Gov. Pence, I’ll be asking him about Trump’s proposal to have an essentially closed economy, no free trade, no competition with other nations,” he added. The former Massachusetts governor argued that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s economic policies would be taking America a “lion’s step backwards.” “We believe in free trade in both goods and services, internationally,” he said. “We have by far the greatest productivity per worker of any country in the world so we’re always going to benefit from free and open trade and the jobs that we get from that are high wage jobs.”

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