How to Really Make America Safe Again

by Tho Bishop

The Republican National Convention begins today in Cleveland, which many people see as a fitting location for the modern GOP. While many among the party base view Trump as a Lebron James-like figure who can lead the GOP back to victory, the Republican establishment has long cast the Donald more like Johnny Manziel: an immature, egotistical brat who doesn’t have the skills to manage on the big stage. While there is no way of knowing where the Trump-Pence ticket will end up in November, a big primetime television event seems to fit naturally with Trump’s pedigree as an entertainer.

As such, Team Trump has decided to give each one of the convention’s days with a specific theme playing off his now-iconic “Make America Great Again,” with tonight’s being “Make America Safe Again.” While there is no reason to expect any real solution from the day’s political theater, let’s consider what is truly needed to accomplish the night’s titular goal.

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