Foreign Investment Will Hold Key to Post-Brexit Prospects

EMEA chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Andrew Wilson says investors who are able to focus on the data rather than the noise, should still be able to navigate through the post-referendum market


It is a truth bordering on cliché that markets are averse to uncertainty.

It is, however, a commodity in plentiful supply across the globe, with the Brexit vote just one of several potentially destabilising situations.

Fresh crisis in the Italian banking system, Japan’s perennial battle with deflation and the looming prospect of a bitterly contested US presidential election are all likely to impact global investment markets in the months ahead. The UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the fracture of political leadership it caused continue to grab the headlines.

It was undoubtedly a shock to investors, whose confidence that Remain would win the day led to pre-referendum rallies in both sterling and UK equities:

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