Clueless Bank of Japan Exemplifies the Awe Inspiring, Irreversibly Destructive Power of the Printing Press

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Friday morning, and the astounding long, massively broad list of “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” headlines since Wednesday afternoon’s post-FOMC Audioblog is incredible to behold. Which is why it’s never been more obvious that Precious Metals are the imploding fiat Ponzi’s “canary in the coal mine”; “Achilles’ Heel”; and all other similar analogies, metaphors, and comparisons combined. Or, for that matter, the “enemy” of all financial markets – which since 2011 in the West, and 2015 in the East, have been commandeered by desperate, dying governments.

To no avail, I might add, as the average global currency is at, near, or well below previous all-time lows; whilst commodity prices are at multi-decade lows, led by the world’s most important industrial product, crude oil, which is about to breach $40/bbl as I write; sovereign yields are at all-time lows, with many below zero; and aside from “last to go” markets like the blatantly manipulated “Dow Jones Propaganda Average,” most equities have been in bear markets for the past year-plus.

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