You MUST Change Your Attitude

by Karl Denninger

This is not going to be easy for you to read folks.

But if you do read it all the way through, and then act on it, it may save your life.

The events in Orlando make clear a few points. Let me quickly review, although my other articles on this topic have laid out the case in far more detail, and they speak to the political acts you must demand right damned now and follow through on.

I know you won’t, because at the core we no longer have the “right stuff” as Americans. We won’t call a general strike and mean it until the Second Amendment’s 4 little words are restored to their clear, English meaning. As a result you’re going to remain severely disadvantaged to a degree you don’t have to be but until and unless your, and a lot of other people’s, attitudes change in this regard that’s the world you live in so suck it up bucko.

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