Still Report #936 – Sheriff David Clark – Civil Rights Redux

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The day after the anti-Trump riot in San Jose, California, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clark took to the air on Fox Business network.
Sheriff Clark is a no-nonsense guy and one of America’s most clear-headed defenders of civil rights – everyone’s civil rights.
He pointed out that these paid riot starters are actually doing exactly what the KKK tried to do in the South 50 years ago – suppressing the voting rights of the Trump supporters. And even more interesting is that the active suppression today is being facilitated by Democrat mayors. Over 50 years ago in the South it was called the Jim Crow era, and it too, was facilitated by Democrat mayors.
Sheriff Clark then gave Trump supporters some practical advice for defending themselves against these paid thugs.
We need a clear-thinking guy with law enforcement experience like Sheriff David Clark at the head of the Justice Department.
But wait, there’s another opportunity. Trump is keeping his Vice Presidential pick as a surprise for the convention. How could such a team lose?
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.