Inflation in All Its’ Wondrous Glory! (and Side Effects Therefrom)

Muck’s Minute #29

by MuckAbout
The Burning Platform

I know all about inflation. I’ve been studying it since I heard the word (about 60 years ago).

Mr. Milton Friedmanns’ definition that all inflation stems from printing to much money is absolutely correct except that with new skill and dexterity, our Federal Fools and the Banks that own them now include DEBT at part of the money supply. Debt (i.e. money NOW, spend it NOW and pay it back NEVER) is the exact same thing as printing dollar bills.

The sad part is that the rest of the world is still stupid enough to keep holding part of the debt! Even China has almost a $trillion bucks of Treasury debt they can threaten us with anytime they wish to. (Like now – when the U.S. Government Fools start thinking out loud about tariffs and such on Chinese junk)..

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