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lass=”” >Which countries will be next to defy the globalist powers bent on usurping peoples’ legitimate self-rule? How does this battle play out and how will it affect our financial lives and freedom? Will we wake up one morning under the occupation of global forces or with precious metals unavailable at any price?

In the wake of Britain’s historic vote to exit the European Union, respected proprietary macroeconomic analyst and founder of Canadian firm Kirby Analytics, Rob Kirby, returns to Reluctant Preppers to advise whether the BREXIT vote signals a sea change in the epic battle of Globalists vs. sovereign nations. Don’t miss this gripping expose as Kirby spells out how global trade pacts steal our autonomy, what life under UN domination looks like, and why every individual, family and country needs to know that they can and must stand up to the elite to protect their vital interests and liberty.


Globalists are not humanity friendly – have a contempt for humanity
See writings of Henry Kissinger and others
One world government, one world currency, one world religion: the worship of state itself, suppression of precious metals.
We are Reaching a tipping point
“It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.”
Trump is nationalist, anti-globalist: No Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), may rip out NAFTA,
Status Quo hates Trump with a passion, he’s in the way of world government.
Eurozone admitted Italy and Greece against their own Master Treaty Guidelines, when excluding Italy would have prevented the formation of the Euro-zone.
Secret bailout of Long Term Capital (LTC), based on secret of Italy leasing out its gold, using the freed-up gold and selling it into the market..
LTC employees sworn to secrecy,
Jim Rickards knows the price of gold is capped.
Greece should never have been included in the Euro Zone on their own merit.
The globalists have had a great run, but their dirty dealings are catching up to them.
People are waking up, even though the dinosaur press won’t report on it – and their ratings are crumbling.
Will awakening public sentiment be enough to derail globalism?
What does globalism early mean to the ordinary person?
Columns of UN troops and vehicles spotted in 5 states, including North Carolina, West Virginia.
Why to tell the UN to go back home where they came from.
Issues in the US emanate from Washington DC, which is rotten and corrupt
Global Trade Deals (NAFTA, TPP, Peace & Prosperity Agreement between
Canada/Mexico/US) take away our ability to make our own laws for our elected representatives, moves to unelected corporate boards unaccountable to anyone, merger of state & business, complete fascism, usurping the sovereignty of a country to make & enforce their own laws. Pacts written in secret, we’re told “we have to sign them to find out what’s in them.”

Just like Obamacare, the promises are false lies.
Dr. Steve Pieczenik: There are many spots in the European theater where there will be secessionist fervor: possibly including Spain, Belgium, Italy. Also Scotland and Ireland are showing that nationalist sentiment is strong.

EU central bank reckless and irresponsible, printing money, driving negative interest rates, punishing responsible savers.

Gold price jumped $100 on Brexit vote, then open interest grew by 50K contracts in one day – unprecedented in history – exposing the brute naked short selling of gold futures by the globalists: “Fraud Here” neon sign.
Physical demand for real gold will overwhelm the paper suppression, failures to deliver physical metal against paper promises. It will occur overnight – you won’t be able to buy physical metal and the price will be much, much higher.

Metal exchanges will declare “force majeure” and settle claims with fiat money.
People who think they own gold futures, gold ETFs, will not be able to obtain real metal.

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Steve Pieczenik is a top government insider and author and the creator of 26 New York Time Best Sellers.

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