Anti-Brexit Propaganda, Market Manipulation at Epic Levels – But Regarding Precious Metals, Who Cares?

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Two weekends ago, I wrote that the world had changed – and thus, the time to protect oneself – both financially and otherwise – had become more urgent than ever. And not just here in the Secular States of America – where people don’t realize, or for that matter care, how dire the plight of the world’s other 7.2 billion people are is – but everywhere, given the unprecedented political, economic, and monetary ruin overtaking them like a tsunami. So many terrifying changes are occurring – as symbolized by Rio DeJaneiro declaring a state of emergency two months before the Olympics – it’s becoming difficult to keep up with. And consequently, I more vehemently than ever believe a major financial market dislocation is in the cards later this year; which, if it occurs, while undoubtedly yield a crippling silver shortage, among other things.

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