Still Report #842 – Kasich Will Drop Out Today

from Bill Still

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We are pretty casual around here today. Look what I found at the bottom of a t-shirt drawer – an Alan Keyes for President t-shirt from 2000 – 16 years ago. My how time flies.
According to several media sources, Ohio Gov. John Kasich will drop out of the Republican Presidential race later today at a 5 pm announcement in Columbus, Ohio.
Kasich had scheduled a morning presser near Dulles International Airport, but apparently after a call from Republican National Committee chief Reinse Priebus, Kasich has decided to bow out.
The announcement will leave Donald Trump alone to start immediately mending bad feelings in the Republican party and starting his attack on probable opponent Hillary Clinton.
Clinton, however, has no such luxury of an unimpeded path to the nomination as she still has not put Socialist opponent Bernie Sanders away. Sanders mounted a come-from-behind victory in the Indiana Primary yesterday.
The head start the withdrawals provides to Trump is a gift from God, further adding to Trump’s slowly-building advantage over Clinton in the general.
Earlier today Priebus said on CNN’s New Day program: “Something new is probably good for our party.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.