NIRP Vs. Gold, Pt VII – Exploding Unintended Ramifications!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Well, the five-year anniversary of the “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” came and left with a whimper – as despite the 141st “Sunday Night Sentiment” capping of the past 147 weekends; the Cartel has not been able to prevent gold from rising above $1,300/oz, which is where it stands as I edit just after Monday’s COMEX open. In fact, aside from a brief moment in early 2015 – before the Cartel orchestrated the final phase of the four-year “bear-market” that ended in December 2015 – gold hasn’t been above $1,300 for nearly two years.

Per below, the massive “reverse head and shoulders” pattern the Cartel’s manipulations inadvertently created over the past nine months is on the cusp of pushing the price above an even more massive, equally artificially created “resistance level” at roughly $1,400/oz. And when it does, the 2011 high of $1,920/oz will be firmly in “Economic Mother Nature’s” sights.

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