The Inevitable Media Mess

by Karl Denninger

Some time ago I commented on a pattern that was quite disturbing, when you looked at it analytically — what articles got the most views, and thus “clicks.”

Put bluntly, it was never the articles on my catching Bernanke pulling system liquidity into the maw of the collapse in 2008, while he maintained to Congress he had done the opposite. Nor was it such articles like my recent piece on Harbor Mobile, which for anyone with a small business outlined a very simple way to take a $75 monthly cell bill and cut it in half for what amounts to the same service, which winds up saving you over $400 a year — every year.

Nor is it articles detailing how a state decided to literally kidnap and medically experiment on a person slightly under the age of 18 — against her express wishes. Oh, and the experiments failed too.

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