Fratboys at the Punchbowl

by Joe McAlinden
The Gold Report

The Federal Reserve, like chaperones at a fraternity house party, has appeared overly concerned about the prospect of upsetting the party-goers and has backed off from earlier indications that it would raise rates four times this year, says Joe McAlinden of McAlinden Research Partners.

William McChesney Martin, the longest sitting Federal Reserve Chairperson in history, once famously quipped that it was the Fed’s job to “order the punch bowl removed just when the party” really starts to get going. His point was that the Fed should raise interest rates and restrict liquidity to preempt an overheating economy before the economy actually overheats and it is too late. The metaphor is a bit dusty as it’s been over a decade since the Fed was in a tightening mode, but the “punchbowl” reference is increasingly relevant again.

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