Still Report #813 – Missing the Forest for the Trees

from Bill Still

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The last two report’s – Beth’s on the inanity of the trans-gender bathroom issue – and mine on Jackson’s battle with the bank – display different aspects of the same issue.
Once you have identified a strategic target, don’t let anything distract you from achieving that goal.
Several folks commented on my Jackson story that Jackson would be rolling over in his grave at the thought of his face adorning a debt-money note of a private corporation that we foolishly have allowed to become our legal tender.
But I think Jackson would be sad about his demotion.
After all, in this day and age of the worldwide supremacy of bank money – to have this national-debt-hating infidel still being depicted as our national hero far out-Trumps other considerations.
When I first heard the change was being contemplated months ago, I knew Jackson would be the prime target. Hamilton is the bank’s guy.
How Jackson lasted this long is testament to the power of his story – the story of the defeat of too much power being centralized in the banks. That story has been kept alive for 180 years now without much notice.
Even the bankers forgot why Jackson sits outside the North Portico of the White House and why he made it onto the $20 bill. But with this generation, Jackson’s memory has been renewed and he finally has become a target.
So if you were Jackson, what would you rather be memorialized on money, or be forgotten all together as someone who simply killed a lot of British, and a lot of Indians?
But there is a deeper meaning to why unnamed freedom lovers over the generations – thought that the Jackson story should be preserved. It’s not all about what Jackson did – it goes beyond that – it’s how he did it.
Jackson was a military man – a General, who, with a force of only 5,000 lesser-trained-and-equipped Americans, defeated a force of 10,000 British regulars at the Battle of New Orleans – the final and pivotal battle of the War of 1812.
We would all be sporting British passports today had Jackson not been trained to think strategically. Later, as President, that art of strategic goal-setting once again came in handy.
The strategic goal was to break up the dictatorial power of the money monopoly – which was British in origin – that had essentially stolen the freedom that America had already won twice with blood on the battlefield.
Jackson focused on the prize and did not let himself be deterred by the distractions the enemy threw at him.
It took him 8 years to achieve his strategic goal, but through discipline and determination he did it.
Now THAT’S the American way – discipline and determination in the cause of preserving this great political experiment in freedom for the common man.
The challenge facing Trump now is even greater. The forces of anti-freedom are now a solid-but-multi-pronged international force.
Islam, combined with European socialists are conniving to destroy nationalism from Mecca to London, and are pre-deploying the seeds of destruction inside the United States as well.
Trump is another rare, strategic thinker – a once-in-a lifetime leader – a man trained at military school – and while there, a recognized leader of his corps.
Trump realizes the difficulty of this task he has set for himself. It’s not just about the winning an election. It’s about achieving the goals during governing thereafter.
This is not the last mistake Trump will make over petty diversions. Why? Because he thinks strategically and will not let himself be diverted by the trees and lose sight of forest.
My commenters did not miss the forest for the trees! Ed Dixon, asked this morning:

“How many transgendered people are in this county?”
Answer: “At last count, I believe it was 5-1/2.”
There were so many good comments this morning, I just have to highlight a couple more: Adeola Adesina, a young man from Nigeria hit the nail right on the head:
“One of the problems I see in developed countries is the lack of focus on things that should be a priority. If the US loses its sovereignty, you guys will suffer, and where are YOU gonna go? So u guys better look at the big picture like Dr. Ben Carson says.”
“I’m a Nigerian and I hope you guys vote Trump. If the United States dies, the whole world will suffer, esp. Africa, because there won’t be a leader to set countries straight. International anarchy will be rampant.”
That is so humbling to me. This guy sees so clearly. He is a future leader in his country – we hope. Secondly, Dr. Ben Carson for Secretary of State.
So please keep in mind; literally the whole world is watching – even praying – for our success here in the United States. They know we are the leading edge in this fight for freedom – not only the perpetual light shining from Miss Liberty’s lamp, but the tip of her spear – and yes, we will have to fight.