Papers Please!!!

by James Quinn
The Burning Platform

My wife got in our little Honda Insight yesterday morning at 10:00 am to run some errands. As I’ve documented before, we live in a lily white suburb with virtually no crime. She turned onto one of the two lane country roads near our house and about three miles down the road what does she encounter? A State Police checkpoint pulling over every car traveling on that sleepy country road at 10:00 am on a Wednesday. WTF???

After being my wife for 25 years she may have developed a slight anti-state, anti-police slant. It was heavily reinforced by this experience. She was asked for her papers by the donut eating, government union drone, second responder, surveillance state representative. She annoyingly asked Mr. Hero why they were doing this to moms trying to get errands done on a sunny peaceful morning. He said it was a “safety check”.

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