A New Option for Gold Bullion

by Jocelynn Smith
The Sovereign Investor

The U.S. market is reaching a tipping point — one that could change the entire financial landscape and have repercussions around the globe.

We have started yet another earnings season where companies are reporting reduced revenue — and many are pointing fingers at the strong dollar. The Fed is trapped with low rates, risking the destruction of both the domestic and global economy if rates rise too fast and too soon. The government has accumulated $19 trillion in debt, and the presidential candidates are preferring to ignore the problem rather than come up with a viable solution. (And we don’t even need to go into the social issues that are dividing Americans.)

But as Americans teeter on that edge, the earth crumbling away under their feet bit by bit, we don’t have to plummet into the deep, black abyss. We can set up a safety net to help catch us in the fall…

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