LiTHIUM X Is Not Alone – Profiling This Marketplace Darling and Others in the Sweet Spot

by Patrice Fusillo
The Gold Report

After several years of bear markets for miners, many mining equities have lept upward in the last few months. LiTHIUM X Energy ranks among the leaders of the pack, up many-fold. Barry Allan, vice chair of mining at Mackie Research, and Research Analyst Ryan Hanley put out a report in March for the PDAC convention, highlighting a number of promising mining companies. In this interview with The Gold Report, Allan and Hanley profile a handful of those companies, including LiTHIUM X.

The Gold Report: Barry and Ryan, in March, you attended the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention, the largest mining gathering in the world. What is your main takeaway?

Barry Allan: Probably the biggest takeaway this year was while attendance was down marginally, the quality of the companies in attendance was very, very good. It wasn’t this frenetic activity of a bunch of people running around looking for meetings, as there were better quality companies in attendance and making presentations.

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