Jubilee Jolt: Agenda 2030 Plans for Total Human Enslavement Now Rolling Out Rapidly

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

The UN 2030 Agenda was announced last September, on the cusp of Jubilee 2016. In the past week, two additional agreements have come into further force. One was the formal signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The other involved signing 17 Goals to Transform Our World.

They even brought out the new pretty face of global tyranny, Leonardo DiCaprio, again at the UN, who was granted his coveted Oscar trinket in exchange for selling his soul and being the smooth talker who herds the sheeple into their cages.

Additionally, at the beginning of April, the UN launched a campaign, the Oceans Treaty, to take over the world’s seas at a single stroke. In a series of conferences, the UN set up a global timeline to designate as much as 30 percent of international waters as “no-go areas.” Part of the UN’s intention is to determine the economic benefits of “marine genetic resources.”

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