Gold and “Deflation” (Doha Style!)

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

One by one, the propagandist myths about Precious Metals – and their counterparts, the “monies” fiat currency are purported to be – are being dispelled, as the “race to the bottom” heats up, and more and more “money” is destroyed. And with it, the fabric of global society – as this weekend’s Brazilian impeachment vote screams in spades. Not to mention, the “Hobson’s Choice” Americans may be facing this Fall – between a rogue demagogue, and a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. Or the prospect of a UK-less Europe this summer; GrExit this fall; Catalonian secession this winter; an exploding European migrancy crisis; and countless other potential “black swan” events. All of which, will yield the same deleterious government response – of printing money at an ever-increasing pace; issuing draconian edicts unheard of in the modern, “civilized” world; and of course, manipulating markets for as long as they remain “manipulatable.”

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