Silver is Off to the Races Again

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

What we don’t know about the gold/silver price admissions is what it has stirred up behind the scenes … meaning how it might be, or will, affect the manipulation of the precious metals in the United States, where the real big issue resides. There is no telling what could be percolating at Gold Cartel headquarters … or what just might be TOLD to them. – Bill “Midas” Murphy from tonight’s Midas report (

There’s a lot of factors going on right now that could be pushing gold/silver higher over and above the inexorable headwind of Central/bullion bank market price manipulation.(click on graph to enlarge).

Today’s move up could be attributable commencement of the yuan/gold price fix rolled out by the Shanghai Gold Exchange. But this was a known event well ahead of time and the market theoretically should have priced this in. Same deal with the Deutsche Bank lawsuit settlement. But that event hit the tape last Wednesday and gold/silver yawned.

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