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Bitcoin Breaks $10,000!

Live Webinar: Why Precious Metals are Still Relevant

We hope you’ll join our panel discussion with Kerry Lutz and John Burzynski, President & CEO of Osisko Mining (OBNNF in US, OSK in CA). Our diverse panel will discuss resource investing in particular gold, the Bitcoin phenomena and general investment in alternative assets.

On this live webinar, we are going to illustrate the connection between value in the ground, monetary value and electronic value. What is something worth, and why? Seats are limited.

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Webinar Time:

05:00 pm ( EST New York )


Bitcoin crashed to $5900 and is back over $10,000 in just a few weeks. What’s next?


Is gold getting ready finally step out of Bitcoin’s shadow?


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Webinar Host:

Kerry Lutz

Owner, Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz is host of the Financial Survival Network. He’s is a student of Austrian economics, retired attorney, serial entrepreneur and expert about the Bitcoin space. His mission is helping people prosper and thrive in the New Economy. 

John Burzynski

Webinar Host:

John Burzynski

CEO, Osisko Mining

John Burzynski of Osisko Mining (OBNNF) a geologist with over 25 years experience on international mining and development projects. John is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the industry and practically mints money for shareholders.

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