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Into Thin Air

by Rick Ackerman

Data for housing starts and industrial production are due out Tuesday, but even if both pointed toward recession, it’s doubtful they’ll have much impact on investors who have already shrugged off four straight quarters of falling corporate earnings.

Stocks were in wafting mode as the new week began, and although the E-Mini S&Ps stalled precisely at a rally target we’d been using since last week, it was a minor one that seemed unlikely to impede the inexorable flow of cash into stocks for long.

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Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins

by Dr. Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute

For all the hand-wringing about the threat to liberty and constitutional government posed by the major party presidential candidates, there is little discussion of how this threat is due to the political class’s long history of supporting expanded presidential power. There is also little talk of how the imperial presidency is just as much a creation of Congress as it is of power-hungry presidents.

Since war is the health of the state, it is not surprising that presidential power expanded in tandem with the expansion of the warfare state. Perhaps the best, and most terrifying, example of how “national security” has been used to justify giving the president dictatorial powers is the Defense Production Act.

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Expect to See a Panic Into Gold

from King World News

With gold and silver still consolidating recent gains, one of the legends in the business warned a panic to own physical gold is coming.

Deflationary Forces Overpowering Central Banks

From the late, great, Richard Russell: “The great deflationary forces that are overpowering central banks everywhere have settled in. In an effort to combat the world deflationary forces, every nation wants a cheaper currency to benefit their exports. The result is a world choking on ever expanding fiat money.

This is pushing assets higher. The result will be a limited-time explosion with assets priced in terms of soaring fiat currencies.

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“To Ensure Her Election”: Wasserman-Schultz Admits She Really Worked For Hillary While at DNC

by Mac Slavo

Still don’t believe that elections are rigged, and that the whole thing is a sham?

After all that time claiming to be “neutral” as the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz let down her guard this week and admitted she had actually been working ‘to prepare for Hillary Clinton to be [their] nominee’ and to ensure her election.

It was everything that she has always denied, but we knew all along.

And the Wikileaks dump confirmed it, brought it out into the open, forced Debbie to step down as head of the DNC… but low and behold, just went to work as the chairman of Hillary’s campaign anyway. Open, brazen corruption.

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Obamacare Sticker Shock: Average 2017 Premium Surges 24%

from Zero Hedge

Two weeks ago, we asked readers to spot the “odd inflation out” when looking at the map below.

[…] The reference, of course, was to the state by state surge in proposed 2017 Obamacare premiums, contrasted with what the government contends is a modest 1.0% inflation rate.

Now, courtesy of a new study by independent analyst Charles Gaba – who has crunched the numbers for insurers participating in the ACA exchanges in all 50 states – we can also calculate what the average Obamacare premium increase across the entire US will be: using proposed and approved rate increase requests, the average Obamacare premium is expected to surge by a whopping 24% this year.

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This Has Been The Worst 12 Months For Floods In U.S. History

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Since last October, the United States has been hit by “historic flood” after “historic flood”, and this latest flooding down in Louisiana that is making headlines all over the world has been caused by a “500 year storm“. Even before some areas of the state received more than 30 inches of rain, this was already the worst 12 months for floods in U.S. history, but without a doubt this has put an exclamation mark on this exceedingly unusual stretch of flooding. There are some rivers down in Louisiana that have crested three to four feet higher than their previous all-time records, and Governor Edwards is using the words “unprecedented” and “historic” to describe these floods. So far, 20,000 people have been rescued by authorities, and Governor Edwards even had to evacuate the Governor’s Mansion due to chest-high water in the basement.

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Why Will People Colonize Space?

by John Aziz

Noah Smith over at Noahpinion does a rundown on why Firefly doesn’t really resonate with him. I agree with his take:

But in Firefly, why do we – meaning the crew of Serenity – go to space? It’s not for a higher purpose. There’s no science being done, no galaxy being saved. The show’s theme song may be about freedom, but unlike many of the people around them, Mal and his crew aren’t colonists. They aren’t going to found a new, more liberal republic on the virgin soil of a distant world. They aren’t going to build a city on a hill. They have no quest, they seek no knowledge, they fight for no cause, they meet no aliens. Their existence is simply a big fat middle finger to the government in the distance.

And for the same reason, it doesn’t resonate with me much, either.

But neither Noah and I are space colonists. I can’t speak for Noah, but I am above all else a science fiction fan, wedded to romantic notions of human expansion into the wider universe as a higher calling.

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Trump’s Concession Speech, If Necessary

by Gary North

Why would anyone worth several billion dollars want to be elected President at age 74?

On the assumption that he wants this job, here is how he can get it.

The media will expect a humility-based concession speech. He should give them this.

A majority of voters has spoken. They have elected a crooked woman to lead them. They will live to regret it. This will not take long.Within a few months, the Clinton recession will begin. It will dwarf what the economy did in 2009.

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The U.N. and U.S. Embassy Stand Down as American Aid Workers Beaten and Raped in Sudan

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

[…] The following excerpts are gut wrenching and absolutely sickening.

The AP reports:

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The soldier pointed his AK-47 at the female aid worker and gave her a choice.

“Either you have sex with me, or we make every man here rape you and then we shoot you in the head,” she remembers him saying.

She didn’t really have a choice. By the end of the evening, she had been raped by 15 South Sudanese soldiers.

On July 11, South Sudanese troops, fresh from winning a battle in the capital, Juba, over opposition forces, went on a nearly four-hour rampage through a residential compound popular with foreigners, in one of the worst targeted attacks on aid workers in South Sudan’s three-year civil war.

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SWOT Analysis: Is There A Perfect Storm For Gold?

by Frank Holmes
Gold Seek


– The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, holding in with a 1 basis point drop. According to the World Gold Council, global gold demand in the second quarter increased 15 percent due to a 141 percent rise in investment demand. The Royal Mint also commented on a “surge” in demand, specifically when the Bank of England cut rates – during that week the Mint saw a 25-percent increase in transactions on its bullion website, reports BBC. The Mint’s “signature gold” has also allowed buyers to purchase fractions of gold bars, causing sales to jump 140 percent.

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Deutsche Bank Analyst Says a Market Shock Is the Only Way Out

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

We don’t know if the internet is just enabling us to hear things we previously didn’t hear… of if this is the most predicted stock-market crash in history!

It seems barely a day goes by now where someone hasn’t jumped on our bandwagon and is predicting, or calling for, a major crash.

The latest is Dominic Konstam, global head of interest rates research at Deutsche Bank.

To be precise, he isn’t so much predicting a crash (or shock as he calls it) in the stock market, but is actually saying that it is the only way the worldwide economy can move forward from its current predicament.

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Where Is The IMF’s Gold?

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

In mid-2009, the IMF announced that it was going to sell a portion of its gold. It ended up selling 403 tonnes of its then-reported 3218 tonnes of gold. Back then the original announcement made it sound like the IMF was trying to push down the price of gold with a big sale announcement, as the price of gold went parabolic after the 2008 de facto collapse of the financial system. The excuse for the gold sale was to “shore up” IMF finances. However, historically, the IMF has sold off portions of its gold holdings as a policy to reduce gold’s role in the global fiat currency system.

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How Can Stock Market Jockeys Be This Stupid?

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

“We’re in an industry that has high valuations.”

How stock market jockeys could be this stupid has boggled our minds for years. One thing we know: it doesn’t matter as long as stocks soar.

But when a stock suddenly dies, after having dutifully contributed to Ben Bernanke’s “Wealth Effect” miracle, the occasional regulator might step in and tell these folks: “How could you?!” And this is what happened today.

The SEC announced that it “temporarily suspended trading in the securities of NERO,” the ticker symbol for NeuroMama, whose shares are traded over-the-counter in the Wild West of US stocks, where just about anything goes, even more so than normally.

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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Crossroads

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Gold and silver were drifting today, along with the markets in general.

Risk is low now as measured by the VIX. But it is really not ‘risk’ that is being measured, but rather ‘uncertainty’ in the markets.

And since the markets are massively mispricing the real economy and global situation, their certainty about their own ascendancy and the enduring power of paper assets is a little less than reassuring.

Have a pleasant evening.

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America: You Will Go Insane Because of What Your Eyes Will See

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

A cloud of madness is descending on America, and most of us are completely unprepared for the chaos that will be unleashed during the months ahead. This morning, I was reading through Deuteronomy when I came to a phrase that really resonated with me. In the Modern English Version, this is what Deuteronomy 28:34 says: “You will go insane because of what your eyes will see”. As I read that, it struck me that this is precisely what America is heading for. There are going to be people that have vast quantities of food and supplies stored up that are still going to blow their brains out when they see what happens to this country because they don’t have any hope. Without hope, I don’t know how anyone is going to make it through what is coming. If you think that the unrest and violence in Milwaukee are disturbing, just wait for a while, because much, much worse is on the way.

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Floods? Watch This Prepper Save His Home From Encroaching Water

by Mac Slavo

If the water is climbing up, there is generally nothing you can do about your home, business or property.

Louisiana is experiencing this first-hand as a reported 20,000 people have been rescued – some dramatically – and countless others have been endangered from what turned out to be a flash flood of almost biblical proportions. Out of nowhere, total disaster is reigning down on Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Time and chance, it seems, bring ruin.

However, for the determined, there are ways to hold the flood waters back.

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Alasdair MacLeod Just Issued a Terrifying Warning

from King World News

With continued uncertainty in global markets, Alasdair Mcleod Just Issued a terrifying warning.

Fiddling While Rome Burns – Macleod’s Terrifying Warning

(King World News) Alasdair Macleod: Technical analysts seem divided on where gold is going in the short-term. Some think it is consolidating before pushing higher to over $1,400, while others are calling for a steep fall into October, before gold resumes its bull market…

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Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report – 2016.08.15

The farce continues; a huge “paper gold” withdrawal of 12.17 tonnes/and yet 0 oz of silver leaves the SLV/Over 43.6 tonnes of gold standing for August/Japan has a terrible 2nd quarter GDP number/In a big alert the Justice dept finds evidence of criminal behaviour with respect to the Chrsyler emissions: this may bring them down!/ Erdogan turns to Russian and then states he may release all of the migrant to Europe

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Blog

Gold:1340.30 UP $4.30

Silver 19.82 UP 15 cents

In the access market 5:15 pm

Gold: 1339.50

Silver: 19.84

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The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, Ruffians, Rapists and Killers

by John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

“There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.” – Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor

The U.S. government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms.

The systemic violence being perpetrated by agents of the government has done more collective harm to the American people and our liberties than any single act of terror.

More than terrorism, more than domestic extremism, more than gun violence and organized crime, the U.S. government has become a greater menace to the life, liberty and property of its citizens than any of the so-called dangers from which the government claims to protect us.

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The Stock Market’s Friend is the Economy’s Enemy

from Peter Schiff

FDIC Slams Biggest US Banks, Says Capital Reserves “Inadequate”

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

On Friday morning, a gentleman named Thomas Hoenig wrote some rather unflattering comments about the US banking system in a little known publication called the Wall Street Journal.

In his remarks, Hoenig stated that “while the largest U.S. banks have increased capital since the [2008] crisis, their capital is still lower than the industry average and inadequate for bank resiliency.

Think about what means. A bank’s “capital” is essentially its rainy day reserve fund.

If there’s a giant mess in the financial system and asset prices collapse (as they did in 2008), a bank with plentiful capital will be able to withstand the crisis.

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