Is the Damage Permanent?

My hypothesis is that the tools of Cognitive Warfare are more powerful and unpredictable than their wielders suspect. They know not what they do, yet they persist. The impacts are incredibly damaging and possibly irreparable.

by Dr. Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

Alternate title for today: The Puzzling Case Of The Intentional Destruction Of The West

I go back and forth between the possibilities; this is all either the planned destruction of the West by very smart adversaries, or this is all the unplanned decay that results when too many unqualified but deeply self-interested people achieve a critical mass of leadership positions.

Today I present the case that a big part of our current psychosis isn’t organic, but rather is the emergent outcome of the use of powerful tools of cognitive warfare that have been turned inward.

Why and for what reason(s) I remain stumped because those afflicting the probably fatal cultural wounds also draw their paychecks from that same culture’s economic activities.

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