China, Russia, and the Golden Currency Debate with Yvonne Blaszczyk

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Yvonne Blaszczyk discuss the potential future of gold as a currency, highlighting the need for a coordinated effort among countries and the impact of central bank buying on the trend. They also emphasize the fragility of the current financial system and advocate for gold as a means of wealth preservation due to geopolitical chaos and trading alliances. The conversation touches upon the potential implications for countries like China and Russia, and the challenges associated with transitioning to gold-backed currencies in the global economy. They stress the importance of understanding the system’s fragility and the dangers of following the herd, drawing parallels to the Titanic and emphasizing the need for strategic planning in the face of potential economic collapse.

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  1. Have you considered offering a transcript accompanying your interview audio/video?

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