Biden Aims to Ban Restrictions On Migrant Voters

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

[…] The Biden team is out of options after his disastrous presidential debate. In fact, the entire Democratic Party is in dire straits due to the state of the economy, ongoing warfare, and migrant crisis. The people “technically not supposed to be here,” as Joe Biden once candidly said, would certainly vote blue as their meal ticket would run dry if anyone else were in office. Hence, Biden is working to open up voting to migrants.

Republicans have been attempting to pass H.R. 8281 or the SAVE Act that would update the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and make proof of citizenship a require to vote in the US election. Seems straightforward, as one must be a citizen to have a say in the direction of the country. House Republicans believe a photo ID, birth certificate, passport or any government document stating that a person is indeed a citizen would suffice. The bill would also remove non-citizens from voter registration rolls and require elected officials to ask voters for proof of US citizenship before voting. Migrants attempting to vote illegally could be deported under this law.

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