Understanding the ‘Always Blue’ Mindset

by Greg Salsbury
American Thinker

Republicans are invariably frustrated that facts don’t move the dial in elections. No matter how bad Democrats are, nothing changes. The reason is simple: Democrats associate “blue” with all good things.

One of the most powerful persuasive techniques in existence is simple association. Want to sell more Aqua Velva? Show a gorgeous woman caressing a freshly shaved handsome man. Two simple associations there—men who use Aqua Velva are handsome like this guy; and men who use Aqua Velva attract beautiful, affectionate women like this one. Want to sell more Hyundais? Show beautiful, hip, smiling, and clearly successful people driving them. Multiple positive associations there.

In the 1950s, Philip Morris was trying to sell more filtered cigarettes but found that men were resistant, viewing them as feminine.

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