Banks, Inflation, Bailout, War & Collapse – Dr. PCR & Bill Holter

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

This Weekly News Wrap-Up is featuring a double header of expert guests. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and Bill Holter, who is a financial writer and precious metals expert. First up: PCR weighs in on possible nuclear war with Russia and the possibility of a total collapse of the financial system. PCR, who is also an award-winning journalist, says, “Five banks have derivative exposure of $188 trillion. That is twice the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entire world. How can that happen? Where were the regulators that let this type of situation develop? It’s mindless, and no one can know what the consequences are. How are you going to examine these derivatives? . . . . This is just as dangerous, in its own way, as the fact that Putin allows this Ukraine war to drag on and on and on. It’s mindless. Both bets are mindless, and in the mindlessness is the danger. In the Ukrainian danger, it could end in nuclear war, and the financial danger is the entire western world financial system could collapse. . . . Nobody is watching anything. It’s just one stupidity after another.”

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