Eggs Are the New Toilet Paper with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back.. The Fed, ECB and BoE all meet this week. Lots of potential turmoil. The economy is still slowing. Intel’s earnings disaster is the latest. The US is ramping up regulation of cryptos ahead of CBDC introduction. Meanwhile, in the non-financial world: Russia and Ukraine are gearing up for a spring offensive. Who just bombed Iran? Who just burned down that big egg farm? Babylon Bee article: Djokovic wins Australian Open by default as all other players die of heart attacks.

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  1. If you read Scott Horton’s new book, Enough Already, you can easily see that since about 1998, the same neocons have been in charge, from the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, Lybia overthrow, present Syrian and Ukraine conflicts, the same names keep coming up over and over again. These are the people who are bringing on armageddon and they are still in charge of everything.

  2. It is not neocons. It is the deep state and always has been, with the blame put on conservatives by the MSM in their typical bending of facts given their liberal beliefs and bias. The US government consists of 90%+ liberals, and starting with the Obama administration (minus the Trump years), has been in the process of purging the non-Woke from all government agencies, including the US military, and spreading Woke ideology across the globe through debt enslavement, election theft, coups, misinformation, etc. The Ukraine conflict is a direct manifestation of this policy, with a democratically-elected, pro-Russian President being overthrown with the help of the Obama administration, a pro-West, pro-Woke, idiot clown being installed in his place, the militarization of the new government, and the provoking of Russia into war through the regular shelling of the Donbas (15K+ dead) and pushing to allow the Ukraine admission to NATO, a direct threat to Russian sovereignty not unlike the events leading to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The irony is that all this was done to weaken Russia, a country who embraces traditionalism and is opposed Woke ideology, but the result has been the strengthening of Russia, including its currency, and the weakening of the West and NATO, with their debt-based monetary systems.

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