Real Gold Discoveries Are On Sale Says Founder Luc ten Have

from Mining Stock Education

“Right now even legitimate discoveries are not recognized. So now you have to look at it and think, ‘Is it not a discovery?’” Or is it something people are just not seeing or they don’t have the guts to buy it right now. And I really think that there are two or three discoveries in the last three months that I think are probably real discoveries that have not seen any love from the market,” shares founder Luc ten Have.

Luc ten Have is also a well-respected mining speculator at where he is publicly recognized as a top contributor.  On a prior MSE podcast, founder Tommy Humphreys said of Luc that he is “so good at finding opportunities as a retail investor.” Luc is a private mining investor based in Holland who has close to ten years’ experience speculating in resource stocks.

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