Insider’s Info on Three Gorges Dam and China Infrastructure

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John D. Kuhns spent 10 years in China. He founded China Hydroelectric Corporation, which developed or acquired 27 hydroelectric stations generating 563 megawatts in the People’s Republic of China. If anyone knows what’s going on at the Three Gorges Dam and the rest of China’s hydroelectric infrastructure, it’s John. Evidently Quality Control (QC) is not something that is important in China. John worked around these issues on his projects, but there was little or no QC at 3 Gorges.

We also discussed the Solomon Islands situation and the upcoming independence of Bougainville, Papua, New Guinea and why it must avoid becoming a Chinese Satellite.

John has written 4 books, the latest of which is “They Call Me Ishmael.”

A fascinating insider’s look at China.